GREENmodul technology®

is a proven technology for creating
a wide variety of living plant sculptures.


We started our journey in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Modular system

Each sculpture is composed of several metal modules that are installed on a framework. The module system has a
number of advantages:

  • plants in modules can be given a growth jump-start already in greenhouses (in the winter) before installing in a public place (in the spring)

  • the sculpture is made up of several smaller modules which makes maintenance and handling easier

  • an quick and easy installation in urban settings

  • GREENmodul technology® also enables easy transportation


For better protection of plants from drying out, we have developed a unique irrigation control system GMSS CONTROL®, which helps the gardener keep the plants healthy. Data is sent to a web platform.

Irrigation technology

GREENmodul technology® includes irrigation system developed on the basis of laboratory research on substrate irrigation at various angles (between horizontal and vertical). Every green sculpture needs a supply of water for irrigation. Sculptures with the GMSS control® system also requires an electric power supply.

Minimum water consumption

Suitable for wide variety of substrates

Takes into account the 3D shape of a modules

Every green sculpture needs a supply of water for irrigation. Sculptures with the GM control® system also requires an electric power supply.

Would you like to know how we do this magic?

Design and implementation

  • The client prepares a proposal that serves as the template for creating a 3D model.

  • This is the basis on which the engineering team creates a supporting framework and accompanying modules.

  • Irrigation system elements are mounted on each module and a final check is carried out.

  • The modules are then transported to the client.

The client receives all necessary materials for the final assembly (geotextile, special tools for assembly, the irrigation apparatus, filter, fertiliser dispenser, sensors, …) and assembly instructions.

  • The client fills the metal modules with growth substrate and plants selected foliage/plants.

  • These get a growth jump-start in a controlled environment (greenhouse) or start growing on the spot where the sculpture will be positioned.

  • When the modules are fully grown over, they are mounted onto the supporting framework.

Customer advice and support

GREENmodul technology® developers offer support and advice on the selection of plants/foliage, substrates and installation of the irrigation system.

Few tested plants from our selection

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